We value every guest!  Here are our new incentives for 2024 to help ease your pockets and help our Summer Heat Family grow at the same time!



New NEW Family Reward 2024:
For every NEW guest (that has NEVER BEEN on a Summer Heat/GGGB vacation) we’ll give you $100!!!  (Guest must place your name as referral upon booking at SPECIAL REQUESTS.  Or, you can email our agent Jackie to place the referrer’s name on the registration (ONE TIME ONLY) at  Changes cannot be made later. All guests must be paid in full ON TIME by the pay off date, in order to receive the reward!) 


UPGRADED GIFT BAGSFirst 25 people to book gets an exclusive UPGRADED Summer Heat gift bag w/Commemorative T-Shirt.  Your bag will be totally different than everyone else’s!  You will know when you check-in!  🙂


MASSAGE CREDITAfter 20 years, and several awesome gift bags later, whomever brings the MOST Summer Heat march, we will have a massage credit for you!  Credit will be given at the Meet & Greet for judging!


SOCIAL MEDIA CONTESTWe’re always watching! The person who promotes the 20th anniversary the most, you’ll get your own section with bottle service at the 20th anniversary party! 


Summer Heat Coordinators:
If you have a strong network of people, we would love to partner with you.  Party promoters, Socialites, Travel Groups, etc., get 10 NEW people to go, and we will pay for your trip (airfare and resort stay)!!!  (Your reward credit for your room is $1943.00 (based on the FRESHMAN double occupancy prices for 7day/6nights).  If the award recipient wants a single room/upgrade, the difference must be paid by the recipient by the pay off date.  Guest must place your name as referral upon booking.  Changes cannot be made later.  All NEW guests must be paid in full and ON TIME by the pay off date, and have never attended a Summer Heat/GGGB vacation. You must FIRST email Mocha for specifics and to get started: HERE.


Sponsorship Opportunities:
Summer Heat is a unique vacation experience.  We’re seeking sponsors for partnerships in expanding your services and products with ours.  Traditional or non-traditional marketing will be accepted for all unique media, branding, and product placement at the event.

Email us HERE for more info on our Premier, Major, and Supporting Packages including Logo Placement, On-site signage, and product testing, email branding and more!