YEAR 18’s on deck!

It’s Summer Heat GRENADA!!!

July 14-19, 2022

& The Elite Entertainment Team 2022

Included in your 2022 Summer Heat Grenada Package:  

  • Luxury Resort Accommodations
  • Airport Transfers from GND to your luxury resort
  • All meals & Drinks (including alcohol)
  • Complimentary Wifi
  • All exclusive Summer Heat Events
  • & a few surprises!

WHAT’S NOT Included in your 2022 Summer Heat Grenada Package:  

  • AIRFARE/FLIGHTS (We have more than 300 guests flying in from all over the US!  It’s good to catch a great sale on flights for you and/or your crew! USE AIRPORT CODE: GND when purchasing flights)
  • Some off-resort excursions
  • Amenities such as spa treatments & watersports on the resort!
  • Incidentals
  • Travel Insurance – We encourage everyone to get insurance, especially during these times.  If you have pre-existing medical conditions, and even if you don’t, you may want to also look into the Medical Travel Insurance.  There is also coverage for Trip Delay, Trip Interruption, Baggage Delay and more.  View the  Travel Protection Page on the official booking site to see your options.  You can choose to add Travel Insurance when registering or call our agent Liz at 267-295-0020 during business hours to discuss your options in detail immediately after booking.
  • At this time, you must be vaccinated to enter Grenada. Small countries can’t handle the numbers that America has for COVID-19 and its variants.  It’s never ending, and currently no end in sight.  They are trying their best to keep their numbers down and the people of Grenada safe. Vaccination cards and prior testing will be required.  If that changes in the near future, we will let the group know.

DEPOSIT TIER (Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable):

  • Minimum $400 per person SEPTEMBER 10TH until OCTOBER 15TH
  • Minimum $500 per person OCTOBER 16TH through DECEMBER 31ST
  • Minimum 1/3rd ROOM COST per person JANUARY 1ST through JANUARY 31ST
  • Minimum HALF OF BALANCE OF ROOM per person FEBRUARY 1ST through FEBRUARY 28TH
  • Full payments only beginning MARCH 1ST

Final Balance Due: March 15th, 2022

  • Full balance due MARCH 15, 2022 – ADD-ONS SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY – Call Kristen at 267-295-0020

If your roommate is not ready to book, you will be booked in a single room until you contact Kristen via email ( to request that your roommate be added. All roommate changes (additions or removals) must be confirmed/made by February 1, 2021.  

BEDDING IS NOT GUARANTEED! We understand in a roommate situation, you may require more than one bed, but we cannot guarantee that the hotel will have that upon check-in. The only way to guarantee a single bed is to book a SINGLE ROOM (one person in the room). Please be sure that you are okay with possibly sharing a King Bed with your roommate when reserving your room.

WHY DOESN’T SUMMER HEAT DISCLOSE ITS LOCATION UNTIL CLOSE TO DEPARTURE?  In our 17 years, we have learned the importance of keeping the location hidden due to pop up of guests who want to be a part of our group but book around our agent.  We don’t allow it because we offer EXCLUSIVE events to our guests, and we want to KNOW EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!  We don’t take our beloved vacation family to any destination unworthy of our stay!  You can rest assure that your accommodations will be exemplary and have nothing to worry about.  We haven’t been doing this for 18 years for nothing!  😉  Also, take a look again at the video above.  We hope you have no worries afterwards.

Ready to book? GREAT! All prices for each of the above categories are listed on the booking page! Don’t forget to tell us where you heard about us or who referred you when booking! (This cannot be changed AFTER booking. The first listing will apply.)