Do I need a Passport?
Yes, a valid passport/visa is required for International travel.

Why are your rates so high?
Summer Heat host resorts are majority 5 Star, All-Inclusive. It’s an above average resort, and usually pricey to begin with. The Event Package is added and that includes the spectacular Summer Heat events that you see in all of our pics and videos!

Do I need to book through your travel agent?
YES!  The package is all-inclusive food and drinks including:  Summer Heat events, transfers, and hotel. Booking outside of the agent will result in you having absolutely no access to our events.

Why do I need to purchase the entertainment package?
Many try to book outside of our agent, and it is the Entertainment package that makes our event what it is!   By booking through other sources and agents, you’re not considered a part of the group and will not gain entry to private events.  It’s best to book your hotel stay through Summer Heat’s official travel agent and get the discounted Entertainment Package.

Is airfare included?
Unfortunately not.  We have many people booking from out of the country and it’s just easier and CHEAPER to book your own.  Our travel agent Liz is always ready to assist you and will purchase your flight for you.

Are all activities included?
Some off-resort excursions are an extra fee and solely based on if you want to participate.

Is this vacation just for women?
No!  Everyone is welcomed to join us at Summer Heat.

I want to go but I don’t have anyone to come with me.  Should I still book?
Absolutely!  We try our best to make sure all of our single guests have a great time.  But you have to be willing to meet new people!  We encourage a family like atmosphere at Summer Heat.

Do you offer incentives?
Yes!  See our <a href=”http://hm4.c4f.myftpupload.com/incentives”>INCENTIVES</a> page!